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Tropical Pines

Introducing Our Platinum Sponsor

Tropical Pines, is known for bringing Australia the purest golden, 100% locally grown pineapples 365 days a year. Apart from growing and distributing the nation’s most delicious pineapples – of all shapes and sizes – Tropical Pines further empowers its community with recipes and tips. With Packing Sheds based in Central and Southern Queensland – and 15 dedicated growers in State-wide – Tropical Pines is undoubtedly Australia’s biggest and most beloved pineapple supplier, with more than 12 million packed every single year.

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We recently had the opportunity to chat with Liz McPherson who is the Marketing Coordinator of Tropical Pines and were able to discover why Tropical Pines have come on board as an official sponsor. 

Q. Why did you become a sponsor of Glasshouse Mountain Cricket Club?

Ask any local, and they’ll tell you that the Glasshouse Mountains are immersed in pineapple farms – including 12/15 of our growers based around Beerwah and Glasshouse. To us, the partnership was a no-brainer – amplified by the fact that some of our own growers are involved with the club itself. This truly drives the community feeling for Tropical Pines and the local area. And, of course, there’s no doubt that Cricket is Australia’s favourite sport – and what better way to stay cool and hydrated than with Australia’s purest golden pineapples?

Q. Why does sponsorship matter to Tropical Pines?

Community has always been the biggest driving force behind everything we do. We want to grow closer to our community; it’s the only way our business can continue to grow while spreading the Tropical Pines spirit with more Australians. We’re also proud to know that our sponsorship helps keep cricket alive nationwide and seeing the club drive kids to get involved in Australia’s favourite game.

There’s truly no better time than now to be involved with the Glasshouse Cricket Club, and we’re thrilled to be working so closely together to help make club events a reality

-Liz McPherson, Marketing Coordinator-

Q.Can you mention a positive experience you’ve had as a sponsor from either a business or community perspective?

There’s definitely not just one. We feel an overwhelming sense of pride every time we see our logo worn by players and club members. We also get incredible opportunities the likes of which we could never dream of were we not a sponsor, like being able to sample our golden fruit on match days (this also keeps people coming back for more and puts the spotlight on the growers who make it all possible!). Beyond this, there’s also something special about seeing what teamwork can do with regards to promoting the club’s message and sharing the community’s incredible work. In today’s world, social media undeniably plays a huge role in engagement, after all.

Q. Do you have any final thoughts?

There’s truly no better time than now to be involved with the Glasshouse Cricket Club, and we’re thrilled to be working so closely together to help make club events a reality – like the imminent Pink Stump’s Day! On a personal level, it also meant a lot to me to attend the signup day for juniors on behalf of Tropical Pines. The chit-chat between club members…the player talent…the way the club proves just how much they value each and every sponsor…there’s nothing like it. It’s been an incredible journey so far, and we can’t wait to see what the next few years have to hold! P.S. I even signed up to my first ever cricket season. Go Team Green!

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Tropical Pines

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