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Crest Creative

Naomi Pearce is a brand design professional and mother to four cricket-crazy kids. Through her business – Crest Creative – Naomi is devoted to helping small businesses, local community groups, and non-for-profits discover and build both their brand identity and unique voice. One of Naomi’s most recent projects has been the revamping and rebranding of Glasshouse Districts Cricket Club.

Outside of Naomi’s boys being junior members at the club, the reason for Naomi’s partnership with GHDCC has to do with the similar values she believes her business and the club share. In an interview with Naomi, we were able to discover why she decided to bring Crest Creative on board as an official sponsor and the heart behind it all.

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Q. Hi Naomi, please tell us a bit about why your sponsorship is important to Crest Creative.

As the mother of three boys who are junior members at Glasshouse Districts Cricket Club, a part of my reasoning behind my sponsorship is about giving back. I’ve noticed that outside of the club promoting the development of technically skilled cricket players, GHDCC is equally focused on promoting great sportsmen and women – with a focus on community, encouragement, and team spirit. With how much warmth and growth the club has brought to my family, I couldn’t resist the urge to promote and support the club. The work they do is wonderful, and I wanted to help get their message out into the wider community in a beautiful and authentic way.

Q. What are Crest Creative’s values & how do they align with those of GHDCC?

As an individual, I like to promote good when I see it. And I believe that Glasshouse Districts Cricket Club holds those same values. There has been such a wonderful sense of community ever since we joined the club – and outside of the sport, there is so much good the club promotes within its players. I see a parallel between how the club helps its players grow based on their potential – as players and individuals – and how I look to promote the same thing in the businesses and entities I share my services with.

I like to promote good when I see it. And I believe that Glasshouse Districts Cricket Club holds those same values.

Q. Can you mention the positive experiences you’ve had as a sponsor from both business and community perspectives?

In the rebranding of GHDCC, it has been so wonderful to see that the work we’ve done, which has a lot of heart behind it, is worn proud on not only my kid’s chests, but all of the amazing other members too. As a mother, there is a lot of love and affirmation I’ve received from how proud my kids are to talk about their mum’s business’ logo being on their uniform. Overall, just being able to work alongside the club and help promote all the wonderful work they’ve been doing is very fulfilling.

Q. Do you have any final words?

It’s been a real privilege for me to be a part of what the club is doing and where they are going. The club has a real vision for the future, and I’m so grateful to be involved in that trajectory and growth. I’m very excited and equally as passionate about how Glasshouse Districts Cricket Club is developing, particularly within their junior pathways into their senior programs. I think it’s incredible and I look forward to Crest Creative being an integral part of the GHDCC network for many more years to come.

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