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Our club is entering the dawn of a new era. Never in recent history has our club been in as strong a position as it is now – and over the next few years, with astute management and buy-in from all players, coaches and affiliates, it will only get better.

Our senior club, in both men’s and women’s, is beginning to rival the strongest clubs on the coast. Player numbers are up because our club is a great club to play cricket at. Our junior numbers are also skyrocketing due to a great group of coaches, parents and players.

We are a club on the move.

As members of this great club, we all have a role to play in making our club the best club on the coast to play cricket with. From the Captain of our first grade team right down to the number 11 bat in the youngest of our junior teams, from Management Committee to Canteen helpers, from sellers of raffle tickets to scorers and the friends and families of those who come along to support, we all have a significant role to play if our club is to continue to prosper.

In terms of cricketers on the field, our club endeavors to serve a number of distinct yet connected groups of players.

Our juniors are the future of our club – let us all be clear about that.

Our current first and second grade players are striving week-in, week-out to bring cricketing success to our club.

But let us not forget those who come along week after week to share the love of our game, to share their passion for cricket with other’s who are like-minded.

Finally, let’s not forget those who have the history of our club woven into the fabric of our club colours – those who have battled hard year after year to make this club the great place it is today.

In consideration of all above, what are the actions we can each take to better position our club as the best place on the coast to play cricket?

Captains – Set the best possible example you can as a leader at our club. Play hard but fair, treating the opposition with respect, even if they are not doing the same to you. Communicate openly with the players in your care. Jump quickly onto behaviours that bring our club into disrepute – it is in the best interests of our club.

Senior Players – Set a high standard in terms of both cricketing skills and behaviour, both on and off the field. Be helpful to your fellow teammates and respectful to your opposition. Nurture the juniors who come into your senior teams and help them make the transition across – they are the future of our club.

Junior Players – Work hard to improve your cricket. Ours is a great game and many rewards can be reaped through hard work and training. Be respectful at all times to opposition players, even in the heat of battle. Be ever-thankful to your parents – for they are the ones who will give up their time to provide you with this great opportunity.

Parents – Help out where you can, particularly in the junior teams. Scoring, canteen, drinks and shade are just a few of the jobs needing doing every week. Coaches have a demanding job and are often trying to keep many balls in the air. Communicate with your coaches – if you have a problem talk directly with them, rather than reverting to social media to air your thoughts and opinions.

If we are all pushing in the same direction, we will be able to move mountains. Let’s make the Glasshouse Cricket Club that mountain.

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Effort – Resilience – Attitude

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